Help Your Lawn and Garden Thrive

Help Your Lawn and Garden Thrive

Buy lawn and garden supplies from our store in Victoria, TX

Keeping your lawn and garden healthy is an ongoing task. It takes the right products and supplies, along with a lot of hard work. When you need lawn and garden supplies, come to Dierlam Feed Store. We sell seed, starter plants, potting soil, mulch, insecticides, weed killers and plant food. Don't forget to pick up a garden hose and a pair of gloves!

We're also a trusted fertilizer supplier in Victoria, TX. Give your garden, lawn and flower beds the nutrients they need to thrive. As your local fertilizer supplier, we can recommend products that suit your specific plants. We also have a variety of organic products to meet your needs.

Visit us today to get fertilizer and garden supplies that keep your garden growing.

What Fertilizer Blends Do We Sell?

What Fertilizer Blends Do We Sell?

  • 12-24-12
  • 13-13-13
  • 17-5-10
  • 21-0-0
  • Diatomaceous Earth

What Brands of Fertilizer Do We Sell?

  • American Plant Food
  • Harris
  • Medina
  • Miracle-Gro


A beautiful lawn starts with the right grass seed. At Dierlam Feed Store, you'll find the following types of seed:

  • Rye grass
  • Oat
  • Wheat
  • Bermuda
  • Giant Bermuda
  • Comanche Bermuda
  • Cheyenne Bermuda
  • Pasture grass
  • Bahiagrass
  • Medio bluestem
  • Gordo bluestem
We also sell grass seed from Pennington. Whether you need lush, healthy grass for your landscape or your livestock, you'll find what you need at our store.